• Heavy Classic – band ensemble

    a chamber-music band with varying performers. The collaborators are: Jochen Ross, Reentko, Matthias Huebner and Kilian Hartig. rocky chamber music between band and ensemble.

    “There is even a Deep Purple cover that could have been conceived by the urgent, young, impetuous Bach.”
    Kiel News

  • Euphoryon

    powerful, explosive concert rock in duo with the Dresden cellist Matthias Huebner

    “As skillful as Wacken“
    Flensburger Zeitung

    “a touch of mild madness“
    Peiner Allgemeine Zeitung

  • Duo Malte Vief & Jochen Roß

    intricate, atmospheric and energetic – duo with Hamburg mandolinist Jochen Ross.

    “a floating and meditative voice that seems suitable to put you in a trance“
    Schweinfurter Tageblatt

    “busy, hectic, industrious, but also structured, alarming and weighty”

  • Malte Vief — Solo

    virtuoso – intensive, stirring solo performance

    “Timbre that has never been heard before. A young and gifted composer who doesn’t indulge in copying or quoting, but searches for his own thing – and finds it“
    Acoustic guitar